Saturday, 27 July 2013

Module 8

When I initially looked at what Module 8 was about, and saw that it was about RSS feeds my first thought was OMG!! My panic began to grow when I realised I was unable to attend the ‘Techie Brekkie’ session held at school which was to introduce us to RSS feeds. Fortunately I was given a link that gave a great summary of what RSS feeds are and how they actually work. So I looked into ‘Feedly’ which is a feed reader straight to your iPhone or iPad. Now I don’t have an iPhone or an iPad, so I found it quite difficult to understand friends who raved about this app and said how easy it was to use…. apparently even for me!

I spoke to my dad about it (the most amazing ICT guru the world has ever seen), he can’t believe it and either can I, but I’m getting an iPhone!! So thank you Module 8. Although you have left me quite confused you’ve made me step out of my comfort zone!

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