Saturday, 30 March 2013

Module 1

Hi my name is Tennille, I am a middle school teacher in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne.
Last year I was involved in a contemporary learning project along with three other colleagues, it is through that project I was encouraged to participate in Web 2.0.

Although I use Facebook, my IT skills are very limited. Fortunately many of my work colleagues are skilled in IT and are very supportive of me (thanks Stu and Bianca). This is my first experience with blogging.

Before I created my iGoogle account I was quite anxious as I had not heard of it before and was unsure of what was involved and what it was used for. However it was extremely easy to use and I can see that it is a way towards creating a blog using Google Blogger.

I enjoyed setting up my iGoogle page and selecting from the various iGoogle gadgets, but I wonder what will happen after the iGoogle service is discontinued in November.

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