Sunday, 31 March 2013

Module 4

This was a really fun module particularly learning about and using Animoto.

Last year I was involved in a digital story telling PD at ACMI where we had to use iMovie.  I found iMovie really difficult to use and have no confidence in being able to use it by myself.

However with Animoto I am looking foreward to producing movies from the photos the kids take from their next school excursion.


  1. Hi Tennille you're really powering through the course I think I'm spending too much time roaming through blogs, there's so much to read and explore. Great blog.

  2. Well done Tennille, we will look forward to seeing Animoto in action.

  3. Tennille, I am pleased to hear that you are willing to take something that you have learnt to put into action. Digital texts from the excursion is a great idea.

    You could also consider using:
    Photostory - so you wont have to rely on the internet or making Animoto accounts. It is installed on all computers at school.

    Photopeach - is an online service much like animoto but only uses pictures.

    Both work really well for photos!