Sunday, 4 August 2013

Final Reflection

In this final module of the Web 2.0 course we looked at the iLe@rn model and Bloom's revised Digital Taxonomy Model. The iLe@rn model was interesting. As I was reading about it, it was just common sense and reinforced a lot of what I’ve read about teaching and learning. It focusses on effective teaching and engaging students. It’s about giving our students the tools they will need, to learn what they need, and achieve success as they continue to learn throughout their lives. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Model is appealing to me, particularly because I am a visual learner. However, as with the original Bloom’s Taxonomy Model, although this effective flow diagram can assist teachers when designing tasks within their classrooms, it is vital for teachers to understand that all skills, not just higher order skills, are important as we move up and down this scale when learning.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve finally come to the end of the Web 2.0 course. There were many moments of confusion and even anxiety when completing the 10 modules, so it is quite a relief to finally be finished. However, although the course is finished this is definitely not the end of Web 2.0 for me. While working through the modules I came to realise that these are the tools I need, as a teacher, to incorporate into my teaching, for my sake and more importantly the sake of my students. So I intend on taking the time to further my understanding of the tools introduced to me through this course. I think I will start with blogging, wikis, Google docs and Prezi. I see these as the most important tools for me to use in my classroom at this moment in time. I also intend to continue with reading educational blogs (which I’d never done before commencing this course). I still can’t quite believe how valuable some of the blogs are that I’ve come across during my Web 2.0 journey.

Although this has been a challenging journey for me, it was a journey I needed to take and a journey that has only just begun!

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  1. Wow I am so impressed with the fact that you have completed the course but also with the insights you have gained. Congratulations Mary Stack Kilbreda